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Together We Will Create Your Plan For Financial Success

By taking an alternative approach to budgeting we will provide you with a realistic plan to manage your personal Finances.
We will provide you with clarity, and a stress-free way to manage your income, debts, and monthly expenses.

About Us

In the summer of 2009 Kerry and Alexandra found themselves struggling to make ends meet. What followed was a series of unfortunate yet all too familiar events. They celebrated the birth of their first child, but joy slowly turned to hopelessness when faced with unemployment and eventually eviction from their home. While trying to get back on their feet they developed a budgeting system that would allow them to forecast their future cash flow, debts, and monthly expenses. After making some major adjustments they found an approach that provided some significant advantages. This approach provided the couple with the ability to negotiate better when dealing with debtors, provided insight on the best time to make large purchases, and allowed them to save significantly more money over just one year. Their method of budgeting was not anything new, albeit it was rarely used for personal finance. The method provided the couple with the insight to navigate any financial obstacles with ease. Finally! Here was an approach that gave the couple stability, security, and the ability to live on their terms. In 2010 the couple decided to share their approach with the world. They decided to call their new service BudgetRite, because they believe it is the right of every individual to live life on their terms.

What we will do for you

We will create you an annual budget, a payment schedule, salary/hourly rate expectation,
and recommendations on ways to eliminate even more monthly spending.

Annual Budget

The annual budget will be comprised of your current monthly expenses and debts. The budget will be for one year and indicate all revenue and expenditures for each month. This spreadsheet will also display your anticipated spending, savings, and investment totals for that pay date.

Payment schedule

The payment schedule is an intricate part of the annual budget and will follow the frequency of when you expect to receive income. This payment schedule will also follow your income frequency along with the due date specified.

Salary/hourly Rate expectations

The salary/ hourly rate expectations equip you with the knowledge of how much you need to make to maintain your current lifestyle. It will also aid you in weighing your options when considering new opportunities.


This area is dedicated to giving you some ideas on how you can enjoy more of the money you work so hard for. It will include some of our hacks on how to reduce utility cost, and alternatives for other problematic and expensive areas of everyday life.

How it works

1. Get started immediately

  • Collect documentation for your income statements for the last month (ex. Paystubs, invoices)
  • Collect documentation for your expenses for the last month (ex. Utility bills, any reoccurring bills that are not debts)
  • Collect any debts you have whether they be reoccurring or one-time debts.


2. Click on Get Started Now

This is when you will pay for the service and input your information.  NOTE: This part of the process might take some time because you will have to input all the details listed above, complete with due dates and the last transaction date. This is also the step where you decide what you want to save, invest, and spend.

3. Get your new plan for financial success

Wait a few days and get your new plan for financial success.

4. Review everything and start living on your terms

Start living life on your terms, comfortable the realization that everything is taken care of.

On your journey, there will be new obstacles to overcome and we will be here to support you through them. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, that’s what we are here for.

Proof It Works

Here is what everyone has to say about our services, and how they changed their life

"Before I tried this service, I struggled, despite making more than enough money. Now I don’t have to think about who I have paid, instead I just pay what is on the schedule and get on with the day."
Consulting client
"I can’t believe how much this simple service has changed my situation. Paying bills was a struggle and very stressful, thanks to this service I no longer dread looking at my bank statements."
Consulting client
"With everything going on its nice to know that there are some things I don’t have to worry about, and I have learned so much about how to manage my money. Thanks, You budgetrite team you guys rock!!"
Consulting client

Some Frequenty Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions customers have asked over the years, in case you have the same ones

How much does this service cost and is it a onetime fee, or a monthly fee?

In order to keep the cost low as possible for the customer, the service cost is $60.00 USD, and the budget is good for one year.

What if I am not happy with the results, can I get a refund?

We aim to create meaningful change in our customers' lives, which means keeping at it. If a customer requests a refund it must be before we send their report. Otherwise, the agent will keep at it until the customer receives the value they initially sought out.

How long will it take before I get my new budget?

This depends on how quickly you get the necessary materials to us; our turnaround is usually 48 hours after all necessary details have been gathered.

Do you all offer other services in regard to personal finance?

We currently do not offer any other services aside from the ones listed on this page. We have affiliations with many brokers, accountants, and personal finance professionals, and will be able to refer you to someone that fits you.

Ready to get started?

Your financial situation is just that a situation and like any other you need support and insight
to navigate it. That is what BudgetRite will do for you. So get started
today and begin living life on your terms!

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